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1 Notice to Bidders for e-Bid Submission notice_to_bidders_v906.pdf 131.68
2 Registration of Bidders Bidder_Registration_Manual_Updated_v906.pdf 3256.67
3 Uploading of My Documents MyDocument_Updated_v906.pdf 1258.63
4 Online e-Bid Submission Three_Cover_Bid_Submission_New_v906.pdf 4646.72
Four_cover_bid_submission_new_v906.pdf 3941.63
Single_Cover_bid_submission_New_v906.pdf 3191.54
Two_cover_bid_submission_new_v906.pdf 4423.29
5 Online Bid Withdrawal bid_withdrawal_updated_v906.pdf 1628.98
6 Online Bid Re-submission Bid_Resubmission_Updated_v906.pdf 2832.13
7 Clarifications (Tender Status, My Archive...) Enquiry_Updated_v906.pdf 1793.37
8 Trouble Shooting troubleshoot_document_v906.pdf 50.06
9 BoQ Preparation Guidelines Percentage_BOQ_Updated_v906.pdf 570.41
ItemWise_BOQ_New_v906.pdf 541.52
ItemRate_BOQ_Updated_v906.pdf 748.54
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